Kindness Found In Bathrooms And Backseats

There are certain conversations I’m sure God never intended us to have with each other. Like in high school, when my poor dad seemed to pale a little every time I asked him for money for bras or tampons. That’s just not a comfortable conversation. Single dads are raising daughters, and single moms are stepping…
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Rummage Sale Cash & Kindness Come In Handy

Red and blue lights whirled in my rearview mirror. Uh oh. Someone was in big trouble. I turned the corner and drove another block before the police car came up behind me. I pulled over to allow the officer room to pass. After all, I am a law-abiding citizen. Imagine my surprise when the officer…
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Grab Kindness Before It Flies By

I was trying to fly home from New York earlier this month. I say “trying” because it was evident that it was going to take some effort. A big storm had swept through the day before and grounded most of the planes flying out of JFK airport. So there I was at Gate C4, just…
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Nurses Fill A Painful Road With Kindness

“This needs sugar!” a woman barks from the table behind me. A nurse gently tells for the 10th time, “I already put sugar on it for you, Alice.” “Well it doesn’t taste like it!” her surly charge growls. “Help! Help! Help!” the woman two tables away shrieks. The first time I heard it, I was…
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Kindness & Gas Money Rescue The Empty

When the world is closing in on you, and panic and uncertainty threaten to swallow you whole, kindness takes on a new level of importance. An otherwise small gesture of love becomes magnified and gives us the strength to put one foot in front of the other. Zach Wilson sent me this letter from a…
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