Don’t Let Appearances Get In The Way Of Kindness

Most of the time I go to Walmart, I am showered and wearing real clothes. I say most of the time, because I have been known to make a quick run for supplies in my pajamas. My most recent trip to the store included me, not only showered, but also wearing mascara, lipstick, black pants…
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Kindness Makes The Best First Day Ever

Some of the most amazing teachers don’t ever get to stand up in front of the class. They don’t get to use the staff lounge or open gifts of appreciation at the end of the year. They are teachers who masquerade as students who have special needs. Dawn Bolstad is passionate about working with students…
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Kindness Eases Growing Pains

My little girl’s shoulders slumped as she got in the minivan. “The whole team was invited, Mom. I was the only one not included.” Seventh grade is hard. I know, I did it once. I’d go from elation to desperation and back again in five minutes flat. My poor parents. Later that night, with Jordan’s…
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Why I Agree To Be Uncomfortable For Kindness

Why do I do this to myself? I could have said no. Why didn’t I say no? They’re going to eat me alive! My introverted self is verbally attacking the ambitious dynamo part of my personality. You see, go-getter me signed up for something that is now making me a little sick to my stomach.…
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The Power Of One Kind Word

We were wrong. As children we stuck our tongues out at the playground bully and hollered with a fake bravado, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” We were wrong. Wikipedia tells me this childhood rhyme has been around since 1862. For 150 years we have been telling ourselves…
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