Nurses Fill A Painful Road With Kindness

“This needs sugar!” a woman barks from the table behind me. A nurse gently tells for the 10th time, “I already put sugar on it for you, Alice.” “Well it doesn’t taste like it!” her surly charge growls. “Help! Help! Help!” the woman two tables away shrieks. The first time I heard it, I was…
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Kindness & Gas Money Rescue The Empty

When the world is closing in on you, and panic and uncertainty threaten to swallow you whole, kindness takes on a new level of importance. An otherwise small gesture of love becomes magnified and gives us the strength to put one foot in front of the other. Zach Wilson sent me this letter from a…
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Photo credit:, Chloe Aftel

Courageous Kindness Combats Selfishness

The bad thing about striving to live a life of kindness is that you realize when you fail. And you fail every day. Or maybe I should say, I fail every day. The minute I keep the conversation trivial to avoid entering someone’s pain, the minute I cut the conversation short with an impatient answer, the…
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Birthday Kindness Comes In A Box

I remember having two birthday parties as a kid. My family lived on a little farmette with horses, and my dad had a friend who was a clown (doesn’t everyone’s dad have a friend who is a clown?), so when I turned 6 years old, every kid in town came to my house to celebrate.…
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Airmen Bond Through Kindness Of Kidney Donation

Life can change in an instant. One moment you’re young and in love and planning a wedding, and the next, you’re sitting in a hospital room trying to decipher medical jargon and test results. That’s how it went for Aly Cola. In a matter of days, her life was turned upside down. Thanks to a…
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